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The Ideal State Essay

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  • on April 11, 2011
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International Political Geography

Ray Taylor

The Ideal State
Essay 1

28 February 2011

    This essay discusses the ideal state in international relations.   It addresses the ideal state’s political geography with respect to its territory, land use and natural resources, population/demographics, government, and sovereignty.   It then discusses the dynamics of the information revolution and the ideal state’s role; its foreign policy and political impact in international relations; and the use of its national powers of political, military, and economic capabilities.   It concludes with a summary.   The development of this essay was gleaned from works of international relations scholars and other sources of research.  
    The Ideal State: Territory, Land, Natural Resources, Population, Government, and Sovereignty
    The ideal state would be an independent nation that consists of a specified territory and population of citizens that are loyal to a government exercising complete sovereignty over a three-dimensional territorial space as described in the Glassner/Fahrer text, Political Geography.    
    Andrew F. Burghardt states in his article, The Bases of Territorial Claim, which appeared in the Geographical Review, Vol. 63, No. 2., April 1973 that, “The principle legal claim to territory is the uncontested administration of the land and its resident population.   It is normally the strongest claim of all; in most of the world at any one time it is assumed and accepted.”   Therefore, the ideal state would unquestionably be regarded as a sovereignty recognized by the international community, along with the other factors that are required for state sovereignty.  
    The physical geography of the ideal state would not be a “land-locked” state but would have abundant sources of rivers, lakes, streams, and thousands of miles of coastal waters such as enjoyed by the United States along the Atlantic...

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