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The Iceman: Summary: The story is about a guy named Victor. He turns twenty years old a day. Victor rides rodeo, to a rodeo contest. He wins 4000 dollars at the rodeo contest. He and his Mojave Nachee and Billy cosa friends will celebrate the victory. They join a bar were they get some drinks and apparently gets drunk. They noticed a white man because he is talking with a girl. He opens his shirt. They could see his T-shirt, and it says, ICEMAN. The Iceman went to the boys to talk to them. He says that he is a police officer. He asks if they have had anything to drink. They have. He wants to arrest them for being too young to buy alcoholic drinks. They will not listen to him. However, he arrests them. They take them to the police station and interrogates them. But they refuse to say they have used none of the money from the victory and Victor wants the money when he gets out of jail. Characterize Victor and his to friends: Victor is twenty years old. He likes to ride bulls, and he is quite good at it. He wins a competition and 4000 dollars. He likes to tell stories about his childhood. He tells stories about the time with Kyle McCoy. He is an Apache boy. He is very cheeky. Victor is studying on an Indin school. Victor is from Indin origin. Nachee is a Mojave boy. He is friends with Victor. He is working with bulls. He handles fighting bulls for Kyle McCoy. He is also cheeky. In the bar, he defenses Victor. He is Indin origin. Billy is a Mojave boy. He is thoughtful. He is working with bulls under Kyle McCoy. He is cheeky, he defense Victor in the bar with a very cheeky attitude. Billy and Nachee is best friends. He is Indin origin. Comment on the conflict between Victor and the Iceman: The conflict started out with Victor seeing the icemans t-shirt. Then they started talking to each other. Suddenly the iceman are asking if they are old enough to buy

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