The Hypocrisy of Egalitarianism and Individualism in America’s Society

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The Hypocrisy of Egalitarianism and Individualism in America’s Society Social Welfare Policy and Services Abstract Democratic egalitarianism and individualism and how hypocritical society is in regards to the two are the subject matter of this essay. Various notable philosophers and authors have dissected these terms and their meanings relative to human life and society many times in the past. It is obvious to most how democratic egalitarianism and individualism can contradictory in many ways. The complexity of the two is not readily abundant due to examining the values of an American society. In society, these values do not hold up to the true meanings of democratic egalitarianism and individualism. The approach to how these differ from its definition is taken from that of a social worker. Upon entering grade school in America, one of the first history lessons taught is the creation of the American Constitution and its Bill of Rights. This “set in stone” document would have one to think that every man, woman, and child are created equal, as far as rights and status. In some way, these rights have become values of the American people, but these values are not practiced as intended. This type of hypocrisy is not too complex to approach from a sociological point of view because it is more blatant than realized. Egalitarianism is hypocrisy in itself. By definition, egalitarianism is all citizens are created equal, no one is above the next citizen, and all privileges are the same. The contrast in this is something that is seen on a daily basis. We are all put into social and economic classes. This structure separates citizens based on income and resources. The wealthy are upper class with better opportunities and resources, middle class citizens have standards based off of what has been disposed of from the upper, and lower class basically are left with the

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