The Hyena and the Crocodile by Maynard J. Tagorda

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The Hyena and the Crocodile By Maynard J. Tagorda "The Hyena and the Crocodile" is a fable about overcoming grief and loss. The fable's target audience includes my father, aunt, three of my cousins and my younger brother. My father and aunt are about roughly the same age, 43 and 45, respectively and both have a relatively stable life compared to others. They both worked their same job as long as I remembered, meaning they're quite good at what they do and are equally responsible parents. Two of my closest cousins ages 16 and 18, both attend the same college as I do and enjoy living life to the fullest. Although they love to have fun, they both know the value of a good education and set time aside to learn and study. My oldest cousin who is of the age of 25 is married and has a job at Parkland Hospital. She also appreciated the assets of fun and accomplished her goal to become a registered nurse, surely my other two cousins will and follow suit and turn out just as fine. Lastly, my brother who is 16 years old and still in high school has a lot to strive toward and a large pair of shoes to fill with his feet. Near a river in a savanna, a mother hyena was crying. She bemoaned greatly of the loss of her kin, crocodiles devoured her cubs. "To have one's children taken before the parent!" she cried with remorse. "How cruel can the savanna be?" she questioned the savanna itself. Two thoughts filled the mother's mind, an ending to her everlasting grief, and the dismay the crocodiles create. Many animals overheard the mother hyena, and avoided the river. Then days became weeks, the animals slowly grew thirsty, and soon died of an unquenched thirst. But to returned to the river, they had come to fear, meant only a fate by the teeth, and the animals grew hopeless. One alpha hyena braver than his cackle, was not so hopeless, nor afraid of any

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