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In the film ‘The Hurricane’ directed by Norman Jewison, a memorable idea in the film is the importance of friendship. This idea is shown through the characters Rubin and Lesra. From them, we see that friendship can give someone hope and set them free. Norman Jewison shows us this by using a range of verbal and visual techniques such as, camera work, dialogue and lighting, these techniques help the audience to understand Jewison’s idea that friendship is important, these techniques also make the importance of friendship a very memorable idea in this film. Camera work was used to show the audience how Rubin and Lesra’s friendship grows. One example where camera work was used to show this is the first time Lesra goes to meet Rubin in prison. To begin Lesra and Rubin are separated by the entire length of the room, we see this in a wide shot, this show us that they are far away from one another and that they don’t know each other. When these two characters begin to talk they are physically separated by the table between them, this is still representing that there is distance. Rubin moves around the table to sit next to Lesra, this helps the audience to see that to two of them are getting closer, willing to trust each other. As Lesra goes to leave there is a two shot of them while a photo is being taken. This scene and the use of camera work makes the idea of the importance of friendship memorable, as it shows Rubin and Lesra physically getting closer and closer to each other, it helps Rubin to break down his walls and become less isolated which gives him a sense of hope. Another way Jewison makes the importance of friendship a memorable idea in this film is the use of dialogue. When Rubin calls the Canadians and says “I can’t do the time”, it shows us that Rubin is relying on them and how much he needs their support – he trusts them to help him. The Canadian’s make lots

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