The Hunger Games Interview of Character

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Interview of Katniss Everdeen Q: When you heard your sister’s name being called for the reaping what thoughts were going through your head? That had to be pretty traumatic, how did you feel about that? A: The first thought that went through my head was of complete horror. I was in such a shock that I even fainted. Everyone in the town knew she was my sister, I knew so many people through my father and the Hob. It would be hard to believe that anyone there didn’t feel at least something for her. Everyone liked something about Prim; I know what they were really thinking though. I know because I think it every year; thank god, it’s not me, it’s not my name, I will live another year, well at least I won’t die from the games. Hunger is still a problem. My brain didn’t really comprehend what happened after that, I could tell I was saying something, more like yelling actually. I also remember once I heard her name called and realized what was actually happening, I volunteered in her place. After everything my family has gone through there was no way I was going to lose Prim, not after dad, and not after mom left us. Q: During the games how did your opinion of Peeta change? A: Oh Peeta what to do with him? I started to dislike him on the train ride to the capitol. He had told Haymitch that he wanted to train alone and I truly believed that he did want to kill me in the games. Even though we were both from District 12, he still had to kill me. I could only hope it didn’t come to that. Then in the Interview he confessed his love for me and we became the forever famed, star-crossed lovers whose love would never be. Because of the incident on the train I still had that thought in the back of my head that it was just another ploy, one that might weaken me so I might not kill him if it came down to it. I didn’t really see any other advantages to him, but it didn’t matter, I
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