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Ms. Gal TV Production Lubna shaker "The Hunger Games" Movie review I just watched the movie "The Hunger Games", a few days ago. I knew the name of the movie, and from that thought I thought that it would be boring. But when I started watching it I felt very excited about what was going to happen later on, and how it would end. I deeply got attached by the plot and the actions of the film. The Hunger Games movie came out on March 12, 2012. And the director was Gary Ross. The main actors of the film are Katniss Everdeen, Peeta, Gale, Primrose Everdeen, Haymitch, Avox girl. The genre of the hanger games is fantasy, dyspopia and young adult. The movie talked about the poor people and how the "Capitol" who is the government, controls the people because they are rich. They think if they have money they could do whatever they want. The Hunger Games movie is about 12 Districts. The people who living in there are very poor, and all of them are controlled by the Capitol, where the president lives, who is always cruel. The Capitol, to show the Districts how weak they are and how little control they have, hosts the Hunger Games. Two tributes are chosen from each district to take part in the game. There’s an arena set up to replicate desert. Setting the goal of the game is that by killing each other off. The one who is the last standing wins and earns food and gifts for their District, and will never be chosen for the Games again. Once they chosen, the person, the person can not get out of it unless someone else offers to go for that person, which no one is entirely willing to do. For the one who got chosen he or she the name should be written on a piece of paper, and put into a small bowl, and is chosen at random. Only children are put once, the age of the person should be from 18, but poorer families are forced to add their children is name

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