The Hunger Games Essay

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Katniss Transformation People change for many different reasons. It can be due to gaining new experience and knowledge, because we grow more mature, or sometimes people change when they are faced with unavoidable situations. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is about 12 districts that have to pick two tributes; one a girl and one boy between the ages of 13 and 18. District 12 is the poorest of the 12 districts and the capitol is the richest place. In the capitol nobody has to worry about having money to buy food. On the other hand, in district 12 many of the residents have to struggle to survive. The two tributes chosen from each district have to fight till death against one another and the other tributes chosen from the other 11 districts. The last one standing is declared the winner and highly rewarded. Katniss’s forced participation in The Hunger Games changes her from being a hostile, unsure, and untrustful girl to being a hero to the people of her district. The hatred that Katniss feels towards the capitol is presented throughout the book. Katniss is assigned a mentor that will give her advice on how to win the games. In the book Haymitch states, “Whereas when you open your mouth, you come across more as sullen and hostile.”(116).This quote proves that Katniss comes off as hostile to most people. Haymitch is recommending that she changes her attitude so that people can like her. Haymitch tells Katniss that the people want to know more about her but she admits, “But I don’t want them to! They’re already taking my future!”(117) Katniss clearly doesn’t like the people from the capitol and doesn’t want anything to do with them. She also doesn’t want them to have control over her life. One night Katniss gets frustrated with herself that she declares “I have dinner that night in my room, ordering an outrageous number of delicacies, eating myself sick, and then

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