The Hundred Years War: The Battle Of Agincourt

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The topic I originally choose for my paper was on the “Hundred Years War”, but as most know that is a very broad and extensive subject. So Fr. G suggested that I narrow it down a bit and just focus on one thing during that time period. He then suggested a couple of topics for me. I thought about it and eventually decided that I wanted to focus my paper on “The Battle of Agincourt”. This topic for some reason seemed to be the most interesting and I found myself wanting to know more about it, like what was the significant of this battle, who was involved, were did it take place, and who was the victor. I then began to think about how I would go about getting this information, and keeping in mind that I had to have at least four books as some of my sources in this paper, so I looked at books that were pertaining to Agincourt as well as some books on the entire Hundred Years War, knowing that the battle of Agincourt would be in there. I did this so I could get a better idea of what was going on during this time period. I also will look on the internet for information because I knew I can find some information that would be more relevant and to the point. So when I go on the…show more content…
The English numbering in 5000 archers and 900 men-at-arms and the French numbering between 20-30,000. The rules of war dictate that the field of battle should favor neither side but the French freely took up a position that was disadvantageous to them. They assembled perhaps 1000 yards apart with only a slight dip between them, ensuring that the armies were in full view of one another. Both sides of the field were surrounded by forest which narrowed from 1200 yards were the French assembled to only 900 where the armies could expect to meet. This greatly restricted the movement that the French would require to exploit their far greater numbers, preventing them from outflanking the smaller

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