The Human Overpopulation Essay

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The Human Overpopulation The world’s population grows with an incresing number per day. This happens everyday, although the world is very crowded. This increment affects not only humans but also animals and plants badly. The human overpopulation occurs when the number of people exceeds the carrying capacity of the area. It has two main bad effects which are equally important. Most ecologists and sociologists say that the human overpopulation is a serious threat for the future of the world. First, the human overpopulation reduces the level of welfare which is the quality of the human life. To begin with, it increases the unemployment. People who live in the overpopulated country, have a difficulty when they look for a job and most of them can not find it. They can not satisfy their financial obligation such as paying a rent or purchase resources to survive. Moreover, the crime rate rises in this countries. The rate of burglary increases day by day because people steal resources to survive. They obtain this resources such as food by this way and they are obliged to do this. Everyday, they think how we find food to feed our family. The second reason of the low level of welfare is the restricted resource utilization. Food supply is an important problem. What happens to soil when people try to produce more than they can? If people grow more and more crops in the same amount of the land, the soil becomes exhausted. Because of this, the foods become less nutritive. In the future, people can not find the area to grow crops and there is nutritional deficiency. This increases to poverty. People suffer from extreme malnutrition and starvation in overpopulated countries.Because of this, they are sick.Some illnesses such as rachitism or osteoporpsis are common in overpopulated countries.Besides, the rate of human mortality is increasing in these countries.People die everyday

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