The Human Need Precipitating the Raise the Age Essay

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The Human Need Precipitating the Raise the Age Campaign in New York State • What is the problem/human need that necessitated the policy? o DEFINITIONS: Problem “any source of perplexity or distress” (Chap 5, Prepare model, p.170) while Needs are “physical, psychological, economic, cultural, and social requirements for survival, well-being, and fulfillment” (Chap 5, Prepare model, p. 170). o The PROBLEM is that the NYS criminal justice system is treating juveniles ages 16-18 as adults and processing them through the adult system. o The NEEDS:  Economic/cultural-cyclical poverty is entrenched because of the detriment to the individual youth caused by the treatment in the adult justice system—Minority youth higher percentage are minority and have disabilities (Prorier, 2004). Youthful offender populations mirror adult in that they are disproportionally impoverished, minority males who have a history of social problems at school and/or work, and come from “families with high degrees of conflict and instability” (Drakeford & Friedman,  Psychological: adult system is not organized, nor are staff trained, to understand the special needs of children—and evidence shows adult detention centers don’t rehabilitate youthful offenders, they harden them into a criminal lifestyle/mentality and make them more likely to reoffend than those who spend time in juvenile justice system (Poirier, 2004, January) • How is the problem conceived? • Who is affected by the problem? • How widespread is it, NY or national? • What are causes of the problem? • Who is instrumental in the problem definition? • Whose values/interests seem to be significant? • How important has this problem/need been historically? References Poirier, J. A. (2004, January). The policy of processing juvenile offenders as adults: A summary of key issues. EDJJ Notes, 3(2). Retrieved from

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