The Human Brain Essay

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The Human Brain The human brain, though a relatively small organ for the size of the body is the centre for all the human ideas and thoughts that are furnished before being implemented. It is the part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centres; responsible for one's thoughts and feelings. Human beings are the only subjects of the animal kingdom with a highly developed brain that is capable not only of thinking concrete ideas but also serves as the biggest storage medium known, as found by a dedicated team of experts from the Kansas University Centre. Scientists and curious persons have for long pondered on the make up of the brain and what gives it the unique ability to furnish ideas, thoughts, plans and to control all activities of the human body, from those that we have direct control over, to the unconscious reflexes of our body, like breathing and heart beat. The brain has been described as the centre of all human knowledge and is the only organ in the human body that is capable of these functions and of controlling all our activities. Some scientists have stated that the average human brain has storage of information which would not fit in a room sized storage medium if compared to bits, megabits and gigabits as in the case of our modern computers. Compared to all the basic and complex functions of the brain, the basic make up of the brain is not as complicated. It is a network of neurons, and nerves with millions of sensory cells controlling all functions of the body. All the neurons and neurotransmitters are responsible for transporting tons of information from all over the body to the brain and from the brain to all the parts and cells of the body. The brain thus is a complex but very delicate organ that is made up of several glands as well which help in the bodily processes of our organism. Scholars describe the human

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