The Human Brain Essay

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Question 1: What are the different parts of the brain and what do they do? edit The brain is made up of many different parts. There are two hemispheres in the brain, a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere. In those hemispheres there are the 4 major areas, the 5 minor areas, and the brain stem. Each area of the brain does a different thing for our body. The four major areas are the following: * Frontal lobe, * The parietal lobe, * The temporal lobe, and * The occipital lobe. The five minor parts are the following: * Primary motor cortex, * Primary sensory cortex, * Cerebellum, and * The brain stem. The frontal lobe is located at the front of the brain and is in charge of decision making, control of purposeful behavior and emotions. Your frontal lobe transmits the body’s emotion to the rest of the brain sot the brain knows what to do. The parietal lobe is located at the top of the brain and is in charge of receiving and processing the sensory information of the body. The temporal lobe is in charge of the memory. The occipital lobe is in charge of anything related to sight. The Occipital lobe processes the information regarding sight and sends it to the other parts so they know what is going on and what needs to happen. Question 2: What does caffeine do to the brain in order to make you more active? Scientists describe coffee as a “life hacker. Coffee and other sources of caffeine may make you seem active but it also affects your brain in a bad way due to the aftershock of taking caffeine. Caffeine can cause serious aftershocks like intense stress. Some addicts of things like coffee may argue but scientific evidence has been found. The brain is made up of neurons which do the work in the brain. The more energy neurons have the faster they move making the brain work a lot more efficiently. However as the

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