The House On Mango Street Monologue Analysis

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Thug Lyfe YO! What up, my name is Marques; my dogs that are close to me call me MJ. I’m down wit’ the Bloods, that’s right I’m a gangbanger. You may have heard of us, and then maybe you have not. I don’t care. Once while a couple of my dogs and I were hangin' out thuggin' and gangbangin' late one night, a voice said to me out of nowhere " MJ, go home" I looked but there was no one there 'cept my homies. So I did the usual, I ignored it. Suddenly! The whip (car) that we were rolling in seemed to take on a mind of its own and started acting very strange. It seemed as if the only direction that it would go in was in the direction of my crib (house). We really became frightened. But what the heck gangsters don’t get scared. "Yo dog take me home 'cause somethin' aint right" I hollowed out to my boys. "I'm feelin’ you" Ty said,…show more content…
It's hard for me to believe that He will allow man to praise Him like that much longer. I tell you there's gonna be a major showdown soon and very soon because there are too many so-called saints fully committed to tempting and destroying the souls of fully committed genuine saints. There should always be a separation of God and the devil and it should never be hard to figure out which is which. The way things are going I believe we will see a "hip-hop gangsta'" Jesus on the horizon soon. Oh how "disrespectful to God" that will be. But for the sake of man's lust to be part of "the hip society plague" that is fast becoming a quilt over the entire nation, I can see it coming. While I'm on the subject of man's disrespect for God, let's look at that briefly. In the bible days after God sent Moses into Egypt to deliver His people out of bondage, according to the bible there were much joy, jubilation and worship among the children of Israel. The Israelites had a glorious relationship with God that I imagine was envied by other nations throughout the

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