Book Report of 'The House on Mango Street'

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June 16, 2014 Cultural Book Report The book that I choose to read was “The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros and it is a perfect book that covers many of the topics in class. The story is about a Latina girl named Esperanza Cordero who tells her story about growing up in a poor urban neighborhood. She tells the story of other people in her neighborhood and the struggles they faced along with her own. Esperanza is ashamed of her life and her families poverty situation and in many occasions she tries to hide the fact that she is poor, like saying she lived in another house. Puberty and being a women also caused a feeling of shame for Esperanza especially when she was abused by males in two experiences, one in which an old man forcefully kissed here and the other in which a group of boys raped her. Esperanza finds away to escape her life on Mango Street with her books and papers. She dreams of living in a house of her own where she can just write. At the end three spiritual sister tell her that she will be successful in escaping but that will never change her past or we she comes from. They make her promise that she will come back to Mango street and help the neighborhood and the people in it. We can see how Esperanza struggles to fit the puzzel pieces of her identity because she has trouble accepting her ethnicity,culture, economic status,and gender. In class and throughout our textbook we learned about identity and stereotype threats and through Esperanza and her friends who live in the neighborhood we see great examples of this. Identity is a big theme in this book and it can relate to self identity that we have talked about in class. To start of we see it when she talks a bout her name, she hates her name because it is not common and in her eyes it means all these bad things. “In enEnglish my name means hope. In spanish it means too many letters. It
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