The House on Mango Street

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In the Sandra Cisneros story’ The House on Mango Street” The theme revolved around poverty and the struggles a little girl and her family of six had to endure. At the beginning they were always on the move “We didn’t always live on Mango Street. Before Keeler it was Paulina, and before that I can’t even remember.” (318). In “The House On Mango Street” the little girl sounds sort of happy at the end even though they had even gone through a long journey to get to where they are now. But although the family seems happy at the house on Mango Street It also seems its not the best house as the little girl describes.” It’s small and red with tight steps in front and windows so small you would think they were holding their breath” (319). Moreover, the little girl showed the reader the struggles they had while living at the other houses. For example, the family had to pay rent every month, or share the yard with anyone they had on the bottom floor. They didn’t have old rusty water pipes which prevented the family from having to run out and fill empty milk gallons up with water. It seemed that the move was sort of a relief for everyone specially the little girl in the story. The family had even more to endure besides all the water pipes and sharing the yard. The little girl told the reader much more of what they went through” The house on mango street is ours, and we don’t have to pay rent to anybody or share the yard with people downstairs, or be careful not to make to much noise, and their isn’t a landlord banging on the ceiling with a broom.” (318). Even though, the girl was happy with the house on Mango Street as the family was to. But the little girl had such high expectations that she was disappointed in a way. The girl described the house as” Brick crumbling in places, and the doors is so swollen you have to push hard to get in. there is no front yard only four

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