The House at Sugar Beach Essay

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Helene Cooper born in Liberia the descendant of two Liberian dynasties, Elijah Johnson and Randolph Cooper grew up in a house at Sugar beach a twenty-two room mansion by the sea. Helene the middle child was raised with Eunice the eldest and Marlene the youngest had a wonderful life with their mother and father. On April 12, 1980 a group of soldiers started a coup assassinating president Tolbert and all of his government officials, including Uncle Cecil Helene’s Uncle. After that Helene’s mother decided to move to the states. Helene, Marlene and their mother left Liberia leaving the foster child Eunice behind. Living in the states Helene’s mother was low on money so she decided to go back to Liberia to chase after Lebanese merchants for rent money. That left Helene and Marlene living with their father. After a couple years later Marlene and her father moved back to Liberia leaving Helene America. Helene the pursued Journalism, as a part of her job Helene then went to Iraq. With a near death experience Helene sought to go back and find Eunice in her homeland Liberia. I really enjoined reading this memoir about Helene cooper and her family. I loved reading about how one can go from being very privileged where people think of you highly, then going somewhere where you’re an average person with not much money. This story assures you that even when you are in the worst spot in your life you can work your way up and do something big. This reading is an excellent way to inform people about Liberia, yet not be dull like an average history lesson. Although the author went into too much detail about certain aspects in the book it was really interesting. This was a well written very unique, nothing like I have ever read

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