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Hot zone vs. Outbreak After reading the book “The Hot Zone” and seeing the movie Outbreak I realized there were differences between the two. The very first thing I noticed that was different was they never mentioned Kitum Cave in the movie like they did in the book. They never traveled there or anything. In the movie they travel to a village in Africa in the late 60’s and just blow it up. Then they pretend like they were never even there. I noticed that they do not have as much characters in the movie as they do in the book. In the movie there are only four or five main characters. While in the book there are thirty-six characters that all play important parts in the story. In the book it never said that the disease started from a monkey like it did in the movie. It just said that it came from Kitum Cave. In the book they talk about wearing orange jumpsuits that they found in the cave. But in the movie they put on blue suits in the testing lab and when they go out in public to help the people they wear yellow suits. In the book Nancy cuts her hand on a knife and blood from a monkey got on her glove and she got scared. In the movie Robbie punchers her finger with a needle that was put in an infected patient and there is indeed blood. One of the biggest differences is that in the book the main things that were getting…show more content…
One similarity that I noticed was that the USAMIRD in both the book and the movie have four different containment levels. That plays a big part in both. Distinguishing the not so harmful hot agents to the very deadly agents. Another similarity is that in both the book and the movie the characters found a new strain of the virus. Both of the strains of virus were airborne. To add to the similarities of the book and the movie, the virus did end up getting into the United States and affected humans one way or another. Screw this book! It was absolute

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