The Horus and Seth Myth

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The Horus and Seth myth is a battle between the two gods which lasted many years into Egyptian history. Their battles were said to have originated from the murder of Osiris, by Seth, for which Horus the son of Osiris wanted to gain revenge. Another version of the beginning of the Horus and Seth myth was that Geb divided Egypt between both Horus and Seth, Seth apparently did not rule well, and Geb removed him from the throne and gave his half of Egypt to Horus, thus beginning the battles that were to follow between them. Horus and Seth were said to have come before the tribunal of the Gods, who had to decide which of them should take the throne, Horus was given the throne, but Seth threatened to kill one god each day, after further debates, Horus was again given the throne, now Seth wanted trials of strength to take place. Seth was also said to have gouged out the eyes of Horus. Hathor was said to have restored his eyes with milk from a female gazelle. Eventually the gods wrote to Osiris in the underworld to gain his opinion on who should inherit the throne. Horus was given the throne after angry letters between Re and Osiris, after which Re agreed that Horus was the right choice. Horus eventually won the throne and gained kingship of Egypt. And from this point in time, all the kings of Egypt had their names in serekh’s surmounted by the Horus falcon. This was until the reign of Peribsen, who during his reign removed the Horus falcon from his serekh and replaced it with the Seth, for a change of this magnitude to have taken place; it could suggest a war or rebellion of some kind between Upper and Lower Egypt. In support of this theory the last king of the second dynasty Khasekhemwy, shows his name in a serekh surmounted by both Horus and Seth. So there is a possibility that as a result of a war, Upper and Lower Egypt were reconciled by

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