The Horrible Tragedy Essay

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It was a cold, dark, winter night as my sister, Chia, checked the stove, if it was off before heading off to bed. As I was in deep sleep I kept hearing some awkward sounds coming from the kitchen. With curiosity, I quickly stood up and opened the door to have a peek. I couldn’t see anything and moved into the kitchen for a closer look. What I saw with my naked eyes were unbelievable. I was speechless and I couldn’t even move. But the next thing that popped into my head was, “You bonehead, don’t just stand there wake everyone up before the fire begins spreading even more and someone gets hurt!” So I quickly ran into my parent’s room first and started my way back to the other rooms to wake everyone up. My dad rapidly assembled us outside. And then he rushed back inside to grab a couple of things that were important and couldn’t be left behind. As we stood on the cold snow with our bare feet, I watch sadly and helplessly as the bright flames spread swiftly throughout our house. My dad came up to us and counted if everyone was out of the house. My dad had questioned us, “Where is your sister, Mary?!!” “I saw her, since she came out with me,” I answered, “but I don’t see her anywhere!” “Has anyone else seen her?!” my dad asked. No one answered him; it was just a complete silence. My dad then quickly ran back into the house and found her back in her bed, asleep. When everyone was out of the house safely, my mom opened the doors to the van and everyone jumped in. As I covered myself with the blankets that my mom had passed out to us, I watch my dad run to our next-door neighbors to call 911. I watch as the firefighters extinguish the fire with their water hoses. As we sat in the van, my little brother, Power, was vomiting into a garbage can. He always had a breathing problem while growing up. While we watch the firefighters finish up, one of them

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