The Hopes And Fears Of International Students

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Introduction: The UK is one of the most favored countries among international students for various kinds of studies. Most of these students clash with the British society and culture when they first arrive. Some cope and accept it with time, others keep struggling for a long period. These two completely different reactions depend on both the students’ background and circumstances. Hypothesis: International students coming to the UK usually have a certain set of expectations accompanied by fears and hopes that are sometimes realistic and other times not. To identify these facts and know to what extend do these fears and hopes affect the student’s life in this country, we’ve carried out a simple questionnaire to gather information about how they deal with the cultural and social differences they encounter in the UK. It is important to know how international students accept and cope with their new lives in the UK as it usually affects their achievements and ambitions, their confidence and social activities, their morality and capacity to absorb information. We hope that we’d be able to unveil some helpful facts and information through this simple research. Methodology: To identify the kinds of fears and hopes international students have when they first arrive in the UK, we held a simple survey of fifteen participants, each answering a set of questions based on the common difficulties international students face abroad. The participants were eight females and seven males from various countries from the Middle East and the South East of Asia. The survey’s questions tried to tackle some essential issues in these students’ lives, like how open they are to social life, their readiness to make friends and how hard they find learning English. We analyzed our results using a statistical program called (Numbers), it is a simple software to analyze data

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