The Homestead Strike: The Struggle Between The Labor Unions

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The Homestead Strike The Homestead Strike was held at Carnegie Steel Mill, and was famous for the struggles between the Labor Unions, and the Business owners around the late 1800s. Many of these struggles turned very violent, which caused many to get hurt. The Labor Unions (Organization of workers) were wanting higher pay, shorter work hours, and upgrade safety conditions for the members. Many Business owners think that Union is an act of trying to take charge of the business owners right to run their company as they please. The owners also don't like the fact that the Union Leaders can call a 'Strike' when the workers feel threatened with their job. By 1892 the Union Members and most of the other workers held a meeting due to some issues that the Owners were trying to change. There were about 800 out of 3800 workers that were in the Labor Union, and they called it the…show more content…
In a Strike, the Union Members refused to come to work. As a group they would make signs, and march around the front of the Business to get the public and owners attention. The workers do this in hopes that it would change the owners mind to come to an agreement with the Union Members. Now once the Homestead Strike started to become violent, the company decided to bring in Armed Guards to protect the mill, and the new workers that were replacing the workers on strike. Not too much longer after the strike started, a gun battle began, which ended in people killed or injured including guards and workers. After this situation out broke, the Governor decided to send in Soldiers to keep the Homestead Strike from getting out of control. In the end, the Homestead Strike ended badly for the
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