The Homeless Man Essay

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The Homeless Man Ben sat on the sidewalk thinking to himself about how it is possible that a single person could be invisible to so many people. Ben became homeless a couple of months ago when he got laid of his job, he no longer could pay for anything. He was afraid to call anyone for help, he didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. Today was a cold day, colder than any other day, today was Christmas. Ben thought about the times he spent with his family. Those times were good. He remembers the sound of the crackling wood in the fireplace, the smell of a Christmas ham cooking in the oven, and all the warm embraces from his family members. Most of all he remembers the smell of his mother's apple pie and the taste of the warm pie in his mouth. Ben missed his family but he was too ashamed to let anyone know about him being homeless. A warm tear runs down Ben’s cold cheek. No one notices the man sitting on the freezing cold ground crying, but that’s no surprise. As Ben begins to cover his face with his scarf he realizes he smells something familiar. “Mom’s apple pie?” he said to himself “Nahh.. It can’t be”. Ben began to cover his face once more when he started to hear the clicking of heels on the concrete come closer and closer. He uncovered his face to see a tall slim lady dressed in a red coat and a green scarf wrapped around her neck. He quickly put his head down in shame, he never wanted his mother to see him this way. His mother stand there looking over him with her apple pie. Finally she crouches down to eye level with Ben “Benny, I’ve been looking for you. Please come home, you can stay with your father and I as long as you need son.” she says. Ben doesn’t look at her and says “I never wanted you to see me like this, I’m ashamed of myself and you should be ashamed of me too.”. Ben’s mother takes her glove off and places her hand on his cheek and turns his head

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