The Holocaust: The Outbreak Of The Holocaust

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The beginning of 1930's saw massive execution of close to six million Jews by Nazis together with those who were collaborating with them. The word "holocaust" has its roots in Greece which translates to a "sacrifice made by fire". When the Nazis came to power in 1933 they believed that they were racially superior and the Jews were inferior and a threat to the Germans (Holocaust encyclopedia,1). It is important to also note that the holocaust also saw other groups of people apart from the Jews targeted. These included the Roma, Russians, Poles, the disabled, etc. Others who bore the blunt of the holocaust were targeted due to their political, behavioral or ideological standing. Among these were homosexuals, communists, Jehovah witnesses…show more content…
One way of doing this is through educating/informing the current and tomorrow's generations. If the unfortunate happenings that characterized the holocaust are not passed to new generations the world runs a great risk of having the same repeated again in future. The young people in this generation need to be made to understand the cause, the course and the aftermath of the holocaust and how and why such an occurrence should be prevented form recurring. From the holocaust the world learnt that it is not difficult to have an entire race wiped out from the world as the rest of the world looks on. By making the new generation to understand clearly the gravity of the holocaust it will be less predisposed to repeating the same in their time. The current generation should ensure that when they tell their children about the holocaust they should also pass the same succinctly to the generation after them (their children's children). By doing this we will pass a rich culture of respect for the sanctity of human life and the need to have it protected and respected at all costs (Lest we Forget,…show more content…
As students we can join hands with other stakeholders to educate the young people on the negative effects of drug, alcohol abuse, etc. This would go a long way in helping bring down the level of violence especially that which involves young people/students. Students can also be involved in educating their peers against the violent movies and other materials that are meant to fan hatred and violence especially on the Internet (The Library ,1). As students we have a major role to play in ensuring that ours will be a peaceful world. We are not going to make the mistakes of yesteryears but we are going to use them as route maps to our destiny as human beings. We can not afford to fail where our fore fathers failed. We are determined to make the world a better place. Let's all join hands in pursuit of one dream; the dream of a world where peace and harmony

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