The Holocaust: A Very Brief History Of The Holocaust

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Paul Renker Kelley Burke History-3 The Holocaust The holocaust was an event that was both horrifying and powerful. The holocaust will always be remembered for the horrific events and all of the lives that were lost. The holocaust was a mass murder of Jewish people in all of Europe. The holocaust started in the year 1933 and lasted all the way until 1945 (V-E Day), which is when the war in Europe ended. This was a huge event and impacted many people, and still impacts people today. Germans had a new found hate for Jews. Encouraged by the new dictators of the time. Adolf Hitler, being in charge at the time had personal issues with Jews. He believed that because they did not practice the Christian religion, they were evil. He also thought that Jews were the reason for him not being excepted into an art school. When Hitler became ruler he turned his feelings into negative actions. He began to segregate the Jews from the rest of the German population. He gave Jews les rights and forced them to wear a star of David on their clothing to represent there culture and to make it easier to identify the Jews from the rest. Hitler also began…show more content…
One of the biggest results was the amount of deaths that occurred. Out of the 13 million Jews living in Europe, 6 million of them were slaughtered. This obviously made a huge impact on the Jewish population of Europe and of course their families and loved ones. The holocaust also was a huge wakeup call and opened everybody’s eyes to what a dictator with power can really accomplish. Another thing that resulted from the Holocaust were charges that were put forth against the leaders of the Nazi parties such as Conspiracy, Crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Almost all of the leaders were found guilty and were sent to death chambers. Another result of the Holocaust was Adolf Hitler’s death. Hitler killed himself because he knew he was about to be in big
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