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THE HOLOCAUST Kimberly Anderson Ashford University LIB 316 Professor Cousar June 10, 2013 In this paper called “The Holocaust”, I cannot help but quote directly from our text about the atrocities committed against the descendants of the Jewish nation, (also called God’s children), and cannot find anything that can compare to what our text has said. Why call out a certain group? Hate crimes are horrible, no matter in what society we are in. I do not believe in homosexuality, but I don’t believe in killing them. I don’t believe in abortion, because the people who abort babies are murderers and have warped the minds of mothers’ and people alike, but I don’t go out and kill the abortionists. The term is called extremism and not what God intended. He intended us to love all man, love the person and not the sin. Jesus Christ was the epitome of what being a Christian is and that is certainly not what Adolf Hitler was. I have started in quotation marks on page 2 of this paper and ended in quotation marks on page 5 of this paper for reference sake. “The Holocaust was a unique chapter in the war's assault on civilians. All nations attacked enemy civilians; the Nazis defined whole groups of civilians as inherent enemies, regardless of what they actually did. The extermination of certain groups was Nazi policy. The Jews were the largest group of victims, but political opponents, Gypsies, mental defectives, and homosexuals were all targeted. In addition, 4 million Soviet POWs died in Nazi captivity. In 1935, the German parliament (Reichstag) began putting laws on the books to control Jews. Known as the Nuremberg Laws, they outlawed interracial marriage and sex between Jews and other Germans, banned non-Jewish women from working in Jewish homes, and created citizenship laws that lessened the rights of German Jews. The Nazis also drove Jews out of rural

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