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Frontiers of the Slovak Republic Development of the Slovak Republic and its frontiers has undergone a tumultuous history. Until 1918 they were ideas about Slovak state formulated generally very vague, usually as part of complex political programs requiring government of Hungary. Slovakia never had own historic frontiers. For example, In Hungary, the Slovak territory consisted of the northern part (called Upper Hungary). Frontiers which Slovakia inherited after the First World War had a defined line only along the old border between Austria and the Kingdom of Hungary. Slovak frontiers were first defined in 1919 as separated political and administrative formation with clear borders. The Czech – Slovak frontier The frontiers of the Slovak Republic are a continuation of the frontiers of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, which originated in the period after the First World War. The frontier between the Czech Republic and Slovakia is legally the youngest part of the frontiers of the two states, but it has a long history. The beginnings we can find at the breakup of the Great Moravian Empire. The colonization of this territory took three hundred years. Its political consolidation into the form of the present frontier was essentially complete by the end of the 13th century. The frontier between the Czech Republic and Slovakia has been adjusted to a limited extent, and not always in a bilateral voluntary way. For example, during the period of Habsburg. The Habsburg Empire was in 1526 created by connection of Austrian, Czech and Hungarian country. Slovakia was very important because constitute the core of the remaining territory of Hungary. After constitutional changes during the reign of Maria Theresa in the 18th century, frontier became an internal frontier in the Habsburg Empire and later in the Austrian Empire. Czechoslovak republic was formed in 1918. When

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