The Hodgenator's AP Language And Composition

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The Hodgenator’s AP Language and Composition Handbook [pic] Please Note: This handbook is NOT to leave the classroom. If you wish to have your own copy, you may print it from the class website, Facebook, or Edmodo. If these are not an option for you and really want your own copy, please see Ms. Hodgens privately. Tone and Attitude Words Positive Tone/Attitude Words |Amiable |Consoling |Friendly |Playful | |Amused |Content |Happy |Pleasant | |Appreciative |Dreamy…show more content…
perceptive visionary prophetic optimistic broad-minded idealistic spiritual orthodox unorthodox sympathetic sophisticated original whimsical humorous conservative liberal progressive radical reactionary unprejudiced realistic romantic shallow superficial* bigoted opinionated intolerant hypocritical fanatical provincial narrow-minded sentimental* skeptical* cynical* DESCRIBING THE STYLE/CONTENT lucid* graphic intelligible explicit precise exact concise succinct condensed pithy piquant aphoristic syllogistic allusive* metaphorical* poetic prosaic plain simple homespun pure vigorous forceful eloquent* sonorous fluent glib natural restrained smooth polished classical artistic bombastic extravagant rhetorical* turgid pompous grandiose obscure* vague diffuse verbose pedantic ponderous ungraceful harsh abrupt* labored* awkward unpolished crude vulgar formal artificial* utilitarian humanistic pragmatic* naturalistic impressionistic subjective* melodramatic fanciful authentic plausible* credible recondite controversial mystical improbable absurd trivial commonplace…show more content…
agree disagree challenge dispute contest concede sympathize maintain adopt concur |Source |The source… |I say… | |A | | | |Source 1 | | | |B | | | |Source 2 | | | |C | |

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