The Hobbit Persuasive Essay

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The Hobbit is a well written novel. Tolkien uses the setting to make the story lively. The literary techniques in the story make the novel a page turner. The central conflict and the crisis of the novel are well-planned. Lastly, the author’s character are relatable. J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a good novel. The uses of setting in the novel brings it to life. Tolkien often uses the setting to set the mood of the story. The last paragraph of page 37 is a good example, the setting is described as cheerful one moment and dark, the next. The author uses the setting to shape Bilbo and other characters. In chapter 8, when Bilbo and the dwarves enters Mirkwood, the endless trees and the lack of food drive the group off the path to follow the lights. The setting in The Hobbit makes the story seem real. Literary techniques in the novel, make the story entertaining. Foreshadowing is used often throughout the book. “Indeed they hardly know a bit of good work from bad, though they usually have a good notion of the current market value; and they can’t make a thing for themselves, not even mend a little loose scale for their armour”# tells of Smaug’s downfall. Exposition is also used in the novel. The dwarves’ song on page18 is evidence of this, it gives the reason why the dwarves want to get the gold from the Lonely Mountain. Lastly, personification is used often in the novel. “Boulders too, at time came galloping down the mountain sides,”# The literary techniques gratify the novel The central conflict and crisis of The Hobbit are plotted out well. The central conflict of this story is character vs. self; Bilbo’s Took vs. Baggins side. The central conflict is evident in all the crisis. In chapter 5 the main events involve Bilbo relying on his took side to out-wit Gollum into leading Bilbo out of the caverns. In chapter 8 Bilbo uses his Took side to rescue the
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