The Hobbit Argumentative Essay

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The Hobbit Most of your writing is to be done in class. • You are to write an essay based on one of the following topics. • You have 2 periods for pre-writing, writing, revising and preparing a final draft. • Your essay must be a minimum of five well-developed paragraphs. • You may take your essay home to prepare the final copy. • The final copy is to be written in blue or black ink or typed and to be double-spaced. • Include any drafts and planning sheets with your final copy. Please place your final copy on top. • You may use a dictionary and/or a thesaurus to assist you in your writing. • Check-off the following boxes as you proceed through the assignment: o I have brainstormed for ideas. o I have planned and developed my arguments.…show more content…
o I have written or typed a final copy in blue or black ink and have double-spaced. TOPICS: 1. Discuss the development of Bilbo Baggins’ character. What qualities are used to describe him at the beginning of the story? What qualities emerge during the course of the story? What causes the changes in his character? 2. Discuss the issue of manners in The Hobbit. What is Tolkein’s attitude towards manners and politeness? What purpose do they serve in the story? 3. Discuss Tolkien’s use of song in The Hobbit. What purpose do they serve in the story? What do the songs reveal about the characters who sing them? 4. Discuss the attitude toward property and material wealth that emerges in The Hobbit. What are the pitfalls of possessiveness and materialism? 5. Discuss The Hobbit as a quest story. What is Bilbo Baggins searching for? What success does he have in finding it? What does his success, or lack of it, mean for him and

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