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Jakaya McAfee July 29, 2013 The Hobbit At first glance, Bilbo is very much the “un-hero” and more like an everyday average person than a hero. In the second chapter, Bilbo did nothing to help his friends from the troll. Bilbo was scared to go out. He wasn’t very courageous; he did nothing to save the others in the time of need in the beginning. He then grows in his courageous to be a hero. Unlike the classic definition of a hero, Bilbo’s strength is not measured by the might of his sword (though “sting” does prove to be a formidable ally,) the number of enemies he’s slain, or his ability to protect the innocent (in fact, Bilbo needs a great deal of protection himself.) Instead, Bilbo’s strength and heroism lay in his cunning intelligence & quick thinking, courage and above all else his loyalty to his friends. Bilbo’s central role is underscored by his appeal—he is not only the most important but also the most likable and honorable character. Even as the other participants in his quest become corrupted by greed, Bilbo maintains his common sense, courage, and eagerness to please. Bilbo’s quick thinking and cunning intelligence plays an integral part in his success in becoming a hero. Early on Bilbo encounters a creature by the name of Gollum whose intent as we come to find out, is to eat Bilbo. In an effort to buy more time, Bilbo enters a game of riddles with the creature of the dark. Both agree that if Bilbo should win, Gollum will escort Bilbo to the exit. However, should Gollum win, Bilbo’s fate is sealed as Gollum’s next meal. After exchanging numerous blows, it is Bilbo’s wit that prevails by asking the question “What have I got in my pockets?” Similar to Bilbo’s encounter with Gollum is his confrontation with Smaug. This time however, Bilbo is facing a far more formidable opponent. Smaug attempts to lure Bilbo into his hall by telling

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