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The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party” 1. What are some of the features of a hobbit-hole? very comfortable with paneled walls, tiles and carpeted floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, cellars, pantries, etc. 2. What is a hobbit? a very small person, no beard, chubby, wears bright colors, has curly hair, hairy feet and the soles of their feet tough for they never wear shoes 3. What is the protagonist’s name? Bilbo Baggins 4. Who is Gandalf? wizard, old man with a staff 5. What does Gandalf put on the hobbit’s beautiful green front-door? a sign (for the dwarves so they’d know which hobbit home to go to) 6. How many dwarves gather at Bilbo’s home? 13 dwarves 7. Who is the most important dwarf? Thorin Oakenshield 8. Why have the dwarves come together? to plan getting their gold back 9. What is Gandalf’s opinion of Bilbo? very high opinion of Bilbo – “One of the best…fierce as a dragon in a pinch…more to him than meets the eye” 10. Why had Gandalf marked Bilbo’s door? so the dwarves would know where to go 11. What is Gandalf’s decision regarding Bilbo’s part in the plan? Bilbo is to be the Burglar 12. What is marked in red on the Mountain map? location of the dragon 13. The hand on the map is point to what? secret entrance to the palace inside the mountain 14. Why has Gandalf decided on the use of a burglar in the plan? Warriors and Heroes were not available to help the dwarves 15. How did the dwarves lose their treasure and their kingdom? Smaug, the dragon, came and took over the palace inside the mountain, as well as the gold/treasure there 16. What does Gandalf give to Thorin? a map and a key 17. Describe Bilbo’s mundane world: safe, has routines, serene, green, laid out nicely with gardens and pastures, no adventure or anything dangerous 18. What is the Call to

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