The Hobbit Essay

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As I read through this book I discovered that this story has many tones about it. This book is filled with many adventures, places, and incidents. This story has many meaning when you read through it. When you begin this book, the tone is a lighthearted and fun-filled. Bilbo Baggins, has a positive outlook on life, but never wants to leave his little village of dwarfs. But plans change; when Gandalf arrives at Bilbo's door, Gandalf asks Bilbo if he would like to attend an adventure with him, and Bilbo quickly excuses himself from the conversation. Bilbo invites Gandalf over for tea one day. When Gandalf is suppose to be over for tea, many other Dwarfs show up, uninvited, but Bilbo never turned them away so he invited them all in to have some tea and cake. At this point Bilbo is annoyed with all of the Dwarfs in his house eating all of his food and tea. Having an unexpected party, that is where the adventure begins. Gandalf hurries Bilbo off to the Green Dragon Inn, where all of the other dwarfs are awaiting the journey. Bilbo is skeptical of going on this adventure, but overcomes this "fear." The ring brings Bilbo to his senses about the adventure, and he learns that the Dwarfs are there to guide him through this. Bilbo came upon a creature named Gollum. Gollum also sets the tone on negativity. Gollum is a two faced cheater/liar. He is a confused little creature. Once Bilbo met Gollum, he became a "downer" and he made Bilbo think negative and start to regret going on this trip. The tone has now been set; from happy to very upset. Look how fast it has changed. Chapters 1 and 2 were happy, 3 to 17 were the "very upset" tone, but again the tone changes one last time back to the "happy" tone we once saw. Once Bilbo knew he was going to make it back home, he seemed to be ok with the fact. When the journey was about to come to an end, Bilbo rediscovered

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