The History, Present State, and Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Throughout time man has had imagination, without imagination many of the things we rely on today would not be here. Imagination has been an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, without imagination, Artificial Intelligence or A.I. may never have become a reality. From the middle ages mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, to the present reality, A.I. is almost everywhere we go. To the future where will A.I. be? The impacts of A.I. on human society have been substantial, rewarding and helpful. The world has started to change due to A.I. and will continue to do so for future generations. Artificial Intelligence, what is it? “At the most general level artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned with the development of systems that are capable of intelligent reasoning and behavior, and often include some form of learning mechanism. AI systems may be standalone computer programs or they may process data from the world and produce behavioral output using a robot body.”(Encyclopedia of Consciousness, 2009) In other words, a machine that can think with some sort of intelligence based on a human standard. A.I. was brought up in 1955 at the Western Joint Computer Conference, a group of Computer Science techs who were gathering to take a new step in computer advancement. At this time A.I. did not gain much recognition, until the following year with the Dartmouth Conference. The Dartmouth Conference was the initial “kick-off” of the start of the A.I. research boom. Before the many Computer scientists of the modern day started researching A.I., there was only the imagination. Only dreams and thoughts existed of A.I, one of the first documented pieces of A.I. was from the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci was a “Painter, sculptor, architect, and engineer, born in Vinci, NC Italy. About 1470 he entered the studio of Andrea del Verrocchio, and in 1482 settled in Milan, where he

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