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The History Of Video Games Essay

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  • on April 29, 2012
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The History of Video Games
The history of video games is wide and diverse. The beginning of modern gaming started in the late 1970's. A simple computer game known as Pong became the new craze. It was a very simple game with two sticks and a ball. As simple as it was, however, it soon caught on and became very popular. As video game technology advanced, arcades became the new form of entertainment. These new “hang out” places made video games even more popular, and a demand for home consoles was the result. Atari answered with their Atari 2600. This very primitive home console filled children with wonder and joy. How could it get better they thought? It was not long before a Japanese company called Nintendo. They produced the world’s first hand held video game system called the Game Boy. Over the years video games have advanced to the point where home consoles are all DVD operated and are essentially small computers. Arcades have fallen out of favor, but some still remain; however, the Atari brand and the Game Boy have been nearly forgotten over the years. Video games have become what they are now because of home consoles, excellent developers, and ground breaking video games.
Home consoles were first to make video games what they are now. In 1968, Ralph Baer and the TV Game Project completed work on the “Brown Box” prototype. The Brown box was a switch-programmable game system made up of forty transistors and forty diodes (Burnham 56). This home console could play games by simply placing a cardstock template on the switch plate and turning the designated switches either off or on. The biggest challenge the TV Game Project faced was not proving the merits of this invention; that part was easy; the difficulty was in breaking through the resistance they relentlessly encountered (Burnham 56). It was not easy to introduce people to new concepts, so they had to convince people that there was such a thing as video games, that they would not “bust” the TV, and that the...

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