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The History of Public Administration Essay

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Below is an essay on "The History of Public Administration" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There are a lot of areas covered by public administration. Any service provided for a community will fit under the category of public services. Every job that is out there will always need someone to make decisions that will affect how a job is performed, how many personnel it will require to perform a job, what equipment will be needed, how long it should take to perform set goals. These are only a few examples of the expectations that are put on the person with the title of public administrator. Some think that public administrators are only required in jobs that relate to emergency services such as fire, ems, and police. When you look further into what jobs actually affects the community the list becomes very large.
If our garbage and recycling wasn’t taken every week to a designated area to safely be stored or reused, it would affect all of us in a very large way. We can simply burn our trash and try to have organic waste pile in our yard, but eventually it will become a problem. Our yards would become full, it would result in pests, odors, toxic liquids, and methane gases being released into our atmosphere. The toxic gases that would be released from burning our waste and recyclables would hurt our environment and would affect the costs of goods and the quality of our air. It takes a public administrator to evaluate the needs of the community, where to put the waste, how often to pick up the waste, if and who to sell the recyclables to, the costs and benefits of having specific containers for each household to use for their waste.
Our streets and bridges need to be created, maintained and evaluated daily. Without someone to direct and review the progress of them, we would have more vehicle accidents in high-traffic areas that needed more lanes, a stop sign or light, or an easier entrance or exit off the highway to speed up time and efficiency. Our school system needs someone to find out when equipment and materials need to be updated and replaced. They need...

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