The History of Ireland Essay

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Project 1 – Ireland Calvin Smith Westwood College Professor Cornwell SOCS 321 3/1/14 Definition of the Irish Culture There are several different meanings of the Irish culture. Most people would relate the Irish culture to the color green which can be seen in the flag, the shamrock that St Patrick used to teach Christianity, and also the isle evergreen surface. Because of the isle green scenery Ireland has been referred to as “the emerald isle” and also “land of saints and scholars” because of the golden age of monastic learning. The word Irish in English is also referred to as Irish Gaelic which is the Celtic language of Ireland (Eire). Gaedhillge is the original for Irish but it was subsequently changed to Gaeilge after the spelling reform in 1948. History of Ireland Ireland was first inhabited around 7500 B.C by fisherman and hunters. The first group of settlers were believed to have come from Scandinavia and were headed to Scotland but instead they decided to settle in Ireland. Between 600 and 150 BC the first of three tribes, that would later be called the Celtic, arrived in Ireland from Western Europe bringing the sense of power, kingdoms, and kingship. The Celtic people were amongst the proudest of their heritage and Christianity. Celtic men especially had a high reputation of bravery and honor when it came to a battles. During battles the higher class of the Celtics would fight while to lower class remained at home to farm or to be servants to the kings. The Celtics pioneered the use of iron when creating weapons for battle or the tools needed to perform functions. Characteristics of the Irish Culture The Irish culture tends to not display public affection and they are less likely to hold hands while walking. They are uncomfortable and easily discouraged when someone is being aggressive or talking loudly. For most of their culture they
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