The History of Anatomy Essay

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“History and Development of the Study of Anatomy” Alyssa Swaim September 11, 2012 Modern civilization has access to information regarding every aspect of human anatomy. There are dozens of detailed textbooks, videos, journals, charts, television shows and computer software programs available dealing with anatomy. With human anatomical information available as near as the local library, bookstore or computer, it is no wonder that most of us take this information for granted. But the search for greater understanding of the human body has taken thousands of years. The Grecian Period played a major role in anatomy, as did ancient societies, and the Anatomy Act of 1832. The history of Anatomy has changed dramatically over the years, due to changes in cultural and religious beliefs. It was only until the Grecian Period people began to accept anatomy and accepted it as a science. It has taken many years. Highly respect philosophers, many cultural and religious changes, and many new discoveries to advance the study anatomy. It would not be where it is today without all these contributions. Originally nobody knew anything about anatomy. At first it was believed if you had a disease it was because god was punishing you. Another religious belief is if the body were dissected it would not be able to continue onto the afterlife. There were many religious beliefs and the people strongly believed in them. The Grecian period was the time people began to accept anatomy and physiology as a science. This was the time when people were getting curious about the body and its functions. This period produced the famous Greek physician Hippocrates. One of the greatest contributions Hippocrates has made to the study anatomy and physiology was that people got diseases because of natural causes and not that it was god punishing you. Erasistratus, another philosopher in the Greek

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