The History Boys- Mrs Lintott Essay

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Consider alternative dramatic functions of the role of Irwin OR Mrs Lintott in The History Boys and their contribution to the comic impact of the play, with close reference to a key scene. She is a whip-smart, caring and motherly senior history teacher who is loved by her students. Her students call her tot or tottie which is very ironic because she is a big-bone woman. Together with Irwin and Hector, she makes sure that the boys will pass the exam. She teaches history to the students as what inscribed on the books and hesitatingly lets Irwin shapes the mindset of the boys for she knows that the boys will not get the Oxbridge scholarship if they are still as innocent as the previous semester. Her biggest attention is given to the boys and their progress. She wants them to pass, but unlike the headmaster she is not a narrow-minded person that does anything, no matter what, to lift the name of the school by sending the students to Oxford and Cambridge. She still respects the knowledge as it is. Hence, she debates the headmaster how best to serve their young charges. In this drama, she also brings the idea of feminism. She is an outstanding woman teacher who can survive among hundred of male senior high school students and many expert male teachers. She knows how difficult it is to struggle among men at that time. Another aspect of Mrs. Lintott’s life is she is a smoker. I don’t know why she smokes. Since it is uncommon for women to smoke in 1983, I think she is hiding something too, but it is never revealed. She is 60% round character. Mrs Lintott is an interesting character within The History Boys, presenting the only female influence and yet another type of teacher which Bennett tried to explore throughout the play. In her conversation with Hector we are able to first determine her character set aside from her job and the audience are able to distinguish her
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