The Hiring Process Essay

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Hiring Process Kandie D. Starr HRM/531 April 09, 2012 David E. Thorne Hiring Process The success or failure of a company can hinge on the hiring of qualified employees that are good fits with the company. The hiring process is a function that consumes a large amount of time and effort. There are many obstacles to work through and discuss as a company hires new employees. There are also a vast number of laws governing the hiring process that human resource management professionals need to know to ensure their company follows these regulations. The steps of the hiring process include defining job requirement, recruiting, application screening, interviewing, and selection. Defining Job Requirement The first phase of the hiring process is defining the job requirement need to run the organization. During this phase job descriptions are developed. The job description will define duties, reporting relationships, required qualifications and outcomes needed for the position. A good job description should also spell out the responsibilities of the job, tools and equipment used, knowledge/skills needed and provide working conditions. It is important to keep in mind that a job description can be amended as need if the responsibilities for a particular job changes. Recruiting The next phase hiring process for LVN will be recruitment. During the recruitment process LVN will seek qualified candidates to fill open positions. There are a number of ways LVN will recruit candidates. The company will use advertisements, referrals, head hunters, and job fairs to aid in this process. The method used will depend on the position being filled. For example VP’s and upper level management positions will be filled by the use of head hunters and referrals; whereas positions such as valet attendant may be filled through internet posting. Upper level management will

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