The Hired Girl In My Antonia

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Those Hired Girls A normal life, which doesn’t have any great things, still gives us an amazing story. In this novel, My Antonia, Willa Gather presents a group of strong women who embody the spirit of American pioneer. I think the clue of the novel could be Jim. First part starts when Jim and Antonia first met on the train to west. And they have a good childhood. Second part is when Jim's high school years quickly come to a close, and he is offered a spot at the university in Lincoln and then he went to university. During this time, we see the hired girls and how they showed their spirit. The last part is short and just talks about Jim’s trip back to New York City, his hometown. Through events happened in the whole story, we will see those hired girls. Tiny is a Swedish waitress at Mrs. Gardner’s hotel (The Boy’s Home) and then get adventure financial success. She…show more content…
She starts to have some feelings to Jim since he killed that snake. “She liked me better from that time on, and she never took a supercilious air with me again.” (67). Being with the hired girls also changed her in some ways. “At the first call of the music, she became irresponsible.” (177). In the end, she was abandoned by a local boy but she already had a child. “But my woman is got such a warm heart.”(283). It shows that Antonia still got a good husband at last and had a good family. The Hired Girls is the second longest section of the novel. It covers Jim's time in town, when he spends time with Antonia and the other country girls who work in town. Language, particularly descriptions, begins to become more sexualized, particularly concerning Antonia and Lena. While the hired girls are able to break free of traditional male-female constraints, they do so at a price: they lose social standing and respectability. But actually, in this novel, they showed us a group of strong women who embody the spirit of American
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