The Highs and Lows of Connectivity Essay

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The following essay looks at connectivity, specifically the connectivity experienced in my team for Mike's Bike's. Connectivity can be described as the ability to be able to make a connection between two or more objects, or as in this case, people. The essay will report on the communication flow in General Bikes, as well as the times that General Bikes experienced hyper, hypo and requisite connectivity. Hyper connectivity means 'too much connectivity, such as information overload' (Collins, Kolb, Lind 2008). Hypo connectivity means 'not having sufficient connections for the task or job at hand' (Collins, Kolb, Lind 2008). Requisite connectivity is having the optimal amount of connectivity, and it is a state to be strived for. Collins et al describes it "as the state of having robust and reliable communication and/or transportation media/modes, with operable alternative work-around options, so that contact may be initiated or maintained at the rate, richness and intensity required for a given task or social outcome". Lastly I will be discussing how and why aspects of social and technical connectivity combine and matter in teams. General Bikes communicates with each other in several different ways. We use our cell phones to call and text each other, we email, and we are connected via a group we created on Facebook. Facebook is an online social website which we are all members of, and the purpose of the group we created is to share stories, swap information and generally just for any information exchange we require or desire. Our most common form of contact thus far has been email and text messaging. We also created a gmail email account solely for General Bikes, giving us a the opportunity to send constructive emails anonymously if we felt the need to. We also used this email address to contact our professor so that anyone could view the reply. Text messaging

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