The Higher Education: a Scam or a Benefit?

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The Higher Education: A Scam or a Benefit? Have you heard of “The Higher Education Scam”? Does Barbara Ehrenreich ring a bell? Barbara Ehrenreich is a woman with many talents, as such being an American feminist, democratic socialist, and a political activist. In her article, “The Higher Education Scam”, Ehrenreich expresses her opinion on rather or not an college education is a necessity to get a good job or to be successful.In her opinion college is just a waste of time and money used to just get a job. A job isn’t a career. I mostly disagree and agree a little with Ehrenreich’s claim that higher education is a scam. My first reason for disagreeing mostly with Barbara Ehrenreich’s article of is because a college education prepares students for their careers because it provides a positive future. In Barbara Ehrenreich’s article she theorizes that, “…Employers prefer college grads because they see a college degree chiefly as mark of one’s ability to obey and conform.” This statement in which Ehrenreich gives her theory on how employers think is outrageous. I go to college because I want to start a good foundation that will help benefit my career. Students should want to go to college to help their futures, not to just get a job. My second reason for disagreeing mostly with Ehrenreich’s article of college being a scam is college should create students passion for what students want to do. In Ehrenreich’s article she states, “…Most of what you need to know you’re going to learn on the job anyway.” I think this example of Ehrenreich’s opinion from her article is just being used to sway the audience to side with her. I feel that college creates passion for students. I’m in college with a major of Administration of Justice and I absolutely love this career choice. My instructor has certainly sparked my interest with this class, which has given me the passion I

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