The Hidden Truth of “Christian Rock”

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The Hidden Truth of “Christian Rock” “Does the sound of the music make the music bad? If the lyrics promote a good message then does it matter what the sound of the music is? Or if melody of music is prominent and plays main role and define type of music?” Music can be classified by different categories and genres. One of the ways we can categorize music is as Christian and non-Christian. Many Christians claim that metal and rock music cannot be Christian. The band “Skillet”, who calls themselves Christian and tries to prove them wrong by combining metal music and lyrics about God, are really not Christian. Is the melody of metal music pleasant and does it worship God? Melody is the most prominent part of music. Melody is the theme of the tune. Without the melody line, there is no music. Melody is the horizontal line the notes follow he music score. Almost all “Christian “rock groups, and the “Skillet” is not exception, claim that the main point of their music is to praise God, evangelize and serve people. They say that Bible teaches us to worship God by playing music the way it is written in the book of Psalms. Angelic beings and twenty-four elders are also using music to worship sovereign God, which is true. It is clear that the Holy Scripture says that music is primarily way for people to praise and worship God. So the godly spiritual music melody should sound peaceful, lift up people’s spirit and have positive influence on people’s hearts and minds. What about metal and hard rock music melody? Rock music came from secular music. It sounds demonic and has nothing in common with Christianity. Specifics of rock music can be described as hard-edged music performed with electric guitars, bass and drums. The melody is so heavy, that it makes people aggressive and crazy. It feeds only your flesh and does not do anything good to your spirit. People cannot
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