The Hidden Origins Of Slavery Essay

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The hidden origins of slavery I chose to do my analysis on chapter 3, “The hidden origins of slavery”. In this chapter it goes into great detail about how African’s were thought of by the whites, how they were brought to America, and how they were looked at and treated when they did arrive here. Ronald Takaki gives a good inside look at each of these topics and he gives us stories and insight that really makes you think about just how inhumane African slaves were treated in America, and how confused and misinformed early European whites were about who these African’s were. In the beginning of this chapter Takaki tells us about how the English looked at African’s back in the 1500’s. There were only known to be a handful of African’s to ever be in England and they were only there to learn the English language and return to Africa to translate for English traders. With this being the case, the whites had no idea of who these people really were. They were a strange and mysterious race and the English not only didn’t take time to find out what or who they were, but they flat out just didn’t want to. The English thought of the Africans as “demons”, “foul”, or “wicked”. They described them as being “black as coal”, and “a people of beastly living, without a god, law, or religion.” This is the start of when blacks first started to be looked down upon by the whites as an inferior race. In 1613 tobacco became a huge product that was being grown in the south colonies of America, namely Virginia. Within seven years the amount of pounds of tobacco being sent to England from Virginia went from 2,300 pounds in 1613, to 60,000 by 1620. To keep up with the fast growing supply of tobacco a large amount of labor was needed. It started with indentured servants who came over from England. They were the “scum” of England and were not wanted there so they came over to America in

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