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The Hexadecimal Company, page 167 Problems Macro The Hexadecimal Company over the last few years was forced to make changes due to competition that could sell keyboards for less. The company now, “licenses OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) technology from Kodak and designs and produces high-tech products such as thin film keyboards for hand-held computers and flexible electronics” (Brown, 2011, p. 167). An organizational development (OD) was set up by the President John Zoltan. The problem was the employees had great resistant to change. The OD group was not highly respected and this led to many employees feeling it was employee vs. them. In the beginning the OD group held meetings with John Zoltan into the information the group was collecting. The president spent less time with the group once he had to ravel out of the country on business trips. The group still had meetings but no one was truly in charge. By not appointing a leader to the group members went different directions leaving members unhappy. Micro When looking at the micro issues for the Hexadecimal Company’s you have to look at the OD group and the overwhelming dislike of the group by the companies workers. Each members seems to have different viewpoints on how things should be done. This was caused by so many of the members being from outside of the company and industry. These people didn’t understand the needs of the company. These, “hot shots” decided to do the training on managerial style and this training did not go over as well as expected in fact people called in the “country club” training (Brown, 2011, p. 167). This group had different goals they wanted to achieve and their own agenda didn’t seem to follow other members which led to the group’s failure. This group didn’t operate long enough to get the results the company needed before starting trainings and knowing

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