The Hex River Valley Witch Essay

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The Hex River Valley Witch Long ago, in a lovely valley between the Cape and the dry old Karoo, lived a beautiful girl. Her name was Eliza. Eliza had one bad fault; she was very proud! She looked down on every young man. She wouldn’t look at a man who isn’t brave enough to climb the krans on their farm Buffelskraal and bring her the red disa flower that grows at the top. The young men were not brave enough. Eliza watched them ride away and say with her nose in the air : “One day a real man will come along and bring me a disa from the krans. None of these others are worth my heart. I shall wait.” Her parents begged her to forget her pride and marry a nice young fellow from nearby. One day a young man rode singing to Buffelskraal. His name was Frans. He was young, strong, handsome and clever. Eliza fell in love with him, Frans asked her to marry him. In her heart Eliza said yes, but her pride made her say : “If you want me as your wife, Frans, you must climb the high krans and bring me a disa flower from the very top. Without a moment’s hesitation Frans climb up the krans. As he reached to pluck the disa, the rock under his feet crumbled and he fell down the cliffs to his death. Eliza went mad and insane with grief and remorse. Her parents had to lock her away in an upstairs room. Elize carved her initials, E.M. in the windsill with the year 1768. Then one night she broke out of her room and ran away into the darkness. She climbed to where the blood red disas grew on the summit. The rocky ledge crumbled beneath her feet and she also fell to her death. They say that not even death released Eliza from her terrible remorse. On moonlight nights – so the old people of the valley will tell you – Eliza goes searching for Frans. She is only a pale ghost and her voice is soft as the night wind. But she is there. Today they remember

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