The Hero's Short Story

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Prologue: to refresh your memories its been a long time, in the first story at the end of it abril had killed, as for roman he drop kick abril and was name the hero of the day. They also found out when borden got stab in the face he didn't really die. his face was really mess up. Mrs.abril was sentence to 50 years in prison. As for jane the tan bird and blackly Chan the blue bird they live happily together. As for the real life Cassidy and gerald they live happy together to. As for kayla lets keep it short she was just loss haha. Then for parker he was the new sub for abril. that was the end to part one of the story. Prologue part 2: it was ten years later after the first story. kayla was now a third grade teacher. As for jane and black chan…show more content…
parker he was just really rich because he made a medicine called (the stoners) the drug was like a pill it made people smarter for some reason. As for Cassidy she was 26 years old , she was pro soccer player it was pretty much her dream job. As for Gerald he was in the movie business. he was famous for making the movie called scream. As for Mr. borden he just got weirder and weirder, he now works at samurai with his weird face. As for tom he lies dead on top of his grave lies soccer dude. OK lets cut this prologue short because I'm getting bored haha. Heres what also happen borden and jackie breaks abril out of jail, borden falls for jackie, abril found out and kills jackie, borden loss his arm while breaking abril out of jail,. Abril chases after parker because he rich, Rowen (abrils and borden kids just to let you guys know) , and borden took a plane to rio to start a new life. As for parker he was doing a project called project x. At the end of part two of the story you maybe remember that parker as about to present his new project to the world, the project was to bring people back to life, and you might remember that abril was shock who parker brought back to…show more content…
As for borden and Rowen they just landed in rio, as they got off the plane they could hear shooting this place was just out of this world crazy. Both of them would both join the drug business there because that is what rio is famous for haha. they would sell drugs to bums on the streets and also sell drugs to birds, birds in rio arent the same like they are in the USA. Well lets get off that and go to Cassidy’s life she is still a pro soccer player she is still good. She now lives in england , she still plays for the USA though. But now she has that British accent( that accent is pretty hot just saying haha). She and Gerald have now broken up, Gerald now lives in Alaska, he also quit the movie business. He is now trying to save the world from global warming (which is a lame job just saying haha). he is now also a Eskimo, all that tan went away he is now super white. As for there pet birds blacky chan and jane , blacky chan got kill by Cassidy new pet a monkey name bobo, and for jane it die in Alaska because it was to cold for it to live. As for roman he loss his job because he was to crazy for his job cause he started hitting kids. He now works at the zoo, and also lives there to. He was so mean that even the tiger was scared of him which is pretty intense haha. He began to be really bored and started giving the animals drugs. So it was pretty much called the stone animal zoo. As for kayla she got bored and quit her job she now

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