The Hero's Journey In Siddhartha

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In the novel of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, Siddhartha is called on to the hero’s journey to find enlightment. The novel is about Siddhartha going to the shramanas, the Buddha, samsara, and the river with the ferryman to find the enlightment and find within himself. Like every hero’s journey, he comes across trials and temptations. Before Siddhartha began his journey, he grew up with Brahmins, and already had reached the OM, which is perfection, but within himself, he does not feel that he has reached fully enlightment so that is when his journey begins. He asks his father to leave, but when his father denied him, he silently protested and stood still until his father gave him the permission to become a shramana. Siddhartha disobeyed his
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