The Heroic Mom Essay

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The Heroic Mom Everyday we do not stop to think how great full we are to have a good mom. A mother that is willing to work hard to take care of her family, mainly her children. We do not realize the sacrifices moms make to do what is need in life. People sometimes take their moms for granted and do not give them the respect they deserve. My mom is heroic because she takes good care of me; she takes the place of a father, and works harder than other moms. My mom takes good care of me, so I can do my best and execute at everything I do. When I was little she read books Dr. Seuss and Mickey Mouse to me. And did the things I could not do. She provided me with food and put clothes on my back. When school came around she made me work hard. So I would do well in math, English, history, and science. She would always treat my wounds if I had gotten hurt and made sure I was getting better. When I was a little kid she me taught right from wrong. She would teach me when and when not to enter an adult conversation. I have been in trouble plenty of times by not giving respect to adults or elders. She showed me how tell who is my friend and who is not. When I would do my homework or anything wrong, she made me do it over again so it will be right. She used to make me write my spelling words or vocabulary words out on paper. When a project was due in three weeks she would always tell me to do it earlier and not to procrastinate. She was famous for the quote “speak unless you are spoken too” and she taught me to not always tell what I knew. When I had very bad grammar she would correct it and tell me the right way to say it. My mom takes the place of my father most of the time since he is an absence in my life. To me she is more than a mother, she is a father figure. Every day she pushes me to do better in everything I do. She teaches me how to treat a girl and show respect.

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